Oh No!

Oh No! will look instantly familiar to you. Created by Oasys Mobile Games, let’s just say the game it mimics involves 4 colors, wild cards, and rhymes with….um…”schmUno.” Thaaat’s right! It’s Uno by another name, with a few minor changes for legal reasons. If you’re price conscious, this app may be a decent substitute for its name-brand rival, but you get less than what you pay for (sad, considering the app is 99 cents). Still, the gist of UNO (or crazy eights if you’d like) is present and done well. Everyone starts with 7 cards, there are wild cards, draw two cards, wild draw fours, “jump” cards, and “flip” cards. You even have to tap the “Oh No!” button when you’re down to one card. No, I’m not joking.

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