Ohm’s Best – Electronics Calculations for the iPhone

What good is an electronics calculator that gives you component values that you can’t find?  Ohm’s Best for the iPhone is the answer for electronics technicians and electrical engineers who want to do calculations using REAL resistor values that you can actually buy!  No longer will you have to do a circuit calculation, just to find out that you will need to combine 4-5 resistors just to make things work how you want them to.  Conversely, forget the days of finding what you thought was the closest component match, just to be surprised at major difference it creates!

With Ohm’s Best, do any of the following calculations using only standard E96, 1% resistors:

  • Parallel Resistance
  • Voltage Division
  • Differential Amplifier

The application will take your ideal input and find the closest possible match of components.  You have the option of modifying the application’s choice, and the percent error between your choice and the ideal output are updated in real-time…so you can see the effects of your decisions immediately.  Ohm’s Best then gives you the circuit diagram with your choice and the calculated REAL output.

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