Omachi : Very simple, but challenging logic math puzzle

“Omachi” is a puzzle app with a very simple rule and in all new innovative design.
Its rule is fairly simple, you just move the numbers from 0 to 9 to the appropriate blank places so that all the formulae in rows and columns are correct. Also the tutorial in the app is simple and undestandable, you can learn how to play the game just in seconds.

While each puzzle looks easy to solve, the puzzles have a wide range of difficulties. Foremost all, the puzzles’ appearance itself on the screen and the application design both have an eye-grabbing charm.

Of course it takes most of the advantages of iOS, so that answering a puzzle is very easy and intuitive, i.e., you simply touch and move the numbers on the screen.

Please try how quickly you can reach the correct answer, leveraging your fingertip and your brain!
Download free from AppStore with trial puzzles of the difficulties ranging from EASY, MIDDLE and HARD! You can also purchase and add 25 more puzzles within the app.

YouTube PV:

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