OneDisk is an application which allows you access to various WebDav services, including MoibleMe. Once you’ve logged into a WebDav server, the server’s directory structure and files can be browsed and files can be downloaded.

Compatible files which are downloaded can be read by the application and stored for use later. However, files can’t be uploaded to WebDav servers, so it really only makes sense to download files that are able to be read. Files can’t be edited either.

The app supports MobileMe, Public iDisks,, MyDisk, and any other WebDav server. The application itself can be password locked in case you have some sensitive information you don’t want others getting access to. Files which are stored on your iPhone with OneDisk can be arranged into folders, although they can’t be renamed once created.

Unique to this app, you can actually email photos and documents as attachments. Audio and video can’t be emailed, but it’s a great feature.

For those familiar with file management apps that can be accessed over WiFi, OneDisk doesn’t have this ability; it’s only for MobileMe and WebDav services. The app is also quite buggy. I’ve had a few crashes and experienced several interface bugs.

The good: Documents and photos can be emailed as sent as email attachments. Access to MobileMe, public iDisks,, MyDisk, and other WebDav servers.

Files can be organized into folders and password protection is available.

The bad: No local file management over Wi-Fi. Files can’t be previewed online; they must be downloaded to the phone first. Files are read-only and folders cannot be renamed. The app and interface is somewhat buggy.

The Bottom line: The app does some neat things that other apps can’t do, namely access WebDav services other than MobileMe. Otherwise, features are rather limited and the app is still quite buggy. For the price, OneDisk isn’t really worth it. Other apps can easily get the job done for a lot less with many more features.

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