Online poker is not for me

There are tons of Poker Sites USA and a lot of Online Casinos for USA Players.  Poker is everywhere, online, on tv, at local get togethers.  Playing online is a great way to sharpen your skills.

Some of the best Best US Poker Sites allow you to play online for free.  There are also some good computer, iPhone, and iPad games that allow you to play for free.  I have played a few of the iPhone games and they are pretty good.  The downside is there is no incentive for free players to not try and play intelligently.  They can bet all their money with no consequence.

If you are playing online with real money and someone bets all their money on a pair of 2′s it is good news for you.  I have never played online with money, I just don’t think I am good enough to give away my hard earned money.  What about you?  Have you made any money playing online?  If so, where and how much have you won?

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