I like a few days to sit with the app before I get it all down on paper. I’ve taken a few extra days with ooTunes because frankly, the app terrified me. Yes, let me repeat – I was scared by a stack of code & some graphics. You think I’m pathetic, admit it. Well, if you witnessed the power this thing has, you wouldn’t be making fun.

On it’s own, ooTunes is arguably the most comprehensive & extensive radio app in the App Store. If you want to listen to Bulgarian Hip Hop, there’s a station for that. If you want local news from Saskatchewan, there’s a station for that. But, it’s really a misnomer to call it just a radio app. With the built-in web browser, it becomes your total streaming device. Factor in the addition of the ooTunes server for your home computer & you’ve got the a complete listening package.

You can’t mention ooTunes without a nod to the development team. I’m pretty sure the entire team consists of just one incredibly talented & dedicated developer named Steve. Since I first reached out to him about ooTunes, Steve’s maintained an almost alarming level of friendly. Read any of the reviews on iTunes & you’ll see customer service is so very important to him. He’s super responsive with requests & bug reports. You just can tell he really wants to provide a quality product.

As I’m writing this, I’m listened to a live Rogue Wave concert from, checked on the built-in web browser (yep, the Yankees are still losing), checked the police scanner from Chicago & took a walk listening to my own music collection over 3G.

Steve graciously provided me with a copy of the server to test with the iPhone app. The iPhone app is a total win on it’s own, but add in the server & it just explodes with even more content. It’ll stream audio & video right to your phone. All this gushing is a little embarrasing, right? Yeah, It is.

Once you find something good, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Email it. There’s Last.FM to suggest other stuff you might like. If you hear a track on the radio, you can buy it from amazon, iTunes & a bunch of other stores. There’s so much audio goodness, I honestly can’t keep track of it all.

There are a few little things here & there, but nothing that will hold you back from bringing joy to your ears. Since the radio catalog is so big, it takes more than a few seconds to load the stations. The interface is also a little cluttered.

OoTunes has a goofy name, but it’ll do everything for your ears except QTip them after a shower.

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