Open Cellar

Ooh la la: Check out this new app from France! Although Open Cellar makes no promises of turning you into a wine connoisseur, I’m hoping it will knock some sense into my fiancé, who’s idea of a good time is a jug of Carlo Rossi from CVS! Open Cellar, originally developed by Matthieu DUCROCQ as a wine cellar organizing software for Mac and PC, is now available as an app that is great for managing the wine you already have and exploring new ones. It even has a feature that allows you to pair dishes with different wines, giving options for both red and white when available.

Open Cellar allows you to search for wines in it’s database or enter your own. You can then add characteristics to your bottles including origin, year etc., add your own ranking and make personal notes. My favorite aspect of this app is being able to view your wine cellar in “graphical mode”—see the image of my dream cellar below!

This makes for a pretty useful app while shopping as it allows you to see what’s already in the cellar and your notes on wines you liked and disliked in the past. However, one aspect of Open Cellar that’s a bit disappointing is it’s video database, called BeWineConnected. It would be a great learning resource but currently there are only three wine tasting videos, all of which are in French. Let’s hope in the future Open Cellar adds more videos, including some in English.

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