Oz Wizard : the Interactive Storybook – PROMO CODES!

BlueFinger launched “Oz Wizard” app on iPhone, iPad Platform. It’s the interactive storybook that tells the famous story “The Wizard of Oz” in hand made drawings and kid-loving interactive actions.

This book provies amazing experience in Oz World. While the scary Oz Wizard shouts to fear our little Dorothy, the reader has to help Dorothy and friends. After saving them from the Wizard successfully, Dorothy and friends yell “Thank you” to appreciate it. This book recreated the famous fairy-tale “Oz Wizard” as Characters-Alive story that character is waiting reader’s touch action.

You may ever wanted to save Dorothy and friends from the Wicked Witch of the West. Also you may wanted to save scarecrow who was attached to a pole. Now you can do it in this book. Children will be able to control this story and feel like they are adventuring Oz World with our famous friend, Dorothy. Listen the story, Read the story, Control the story and Repeat the story.  It has the total solution that children love to do.

Another amazing story is all drawing of this book is hand made. Computer Graphic is revolutionary good-looking, but water color illustration makes children warm-heart and good emotion. One more additional advantage is this warm heart characters are moving like alive. Children will love these beautiful backgounds and characters.

This book provides more options for readers. They may choose “Read the Story” as default or “Read by myself” for children who likes to read. Parents have to prepare to listen this story more than hundred times, because it’s not an instant storybook, it’s small game book that child will play repeat.

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