paintingWalls: iPhone app helps find paint colors for your home

Barcelona, July 2010. Enginy Studios presents a renewed version of paintingWalls. paintingWalls v2.0 is no longer a very good idea only, but also a very good application. This version is not an upgrade, but a whole new app with endless possibilities.

paintingWalls v2.0 features the most requested enhancements by our users, as well as our own upgrades, in order to get the most complete and easy to use photo editor. Taking this chance to thank everyone that has trusted Enginy Studios, paintingWalls v2.0 is available as a totally free upgrade of the current paintingWalls. Moreover, for all the ones who don’t own a copy of the previous version and want give it a try, there is a Lite version available that comes with all the features.

paintingWalls v2.0 offers new ways for painting your walls. Zoom the image and move it until you can see the area you want to paint, chose between hundreds of colors in our catalogues or use your own, and finally use the brush to paint with your finger. In addition, the new paintingWalls v2.0 allows you to save your project in order to edit it later. And, for the most careless painters, all the settings and the last data of the current project will be saved automatically when you quit the application.

Xavier Maroñas, Enginy Studios co-founder, has said: “From what paintingWalls appeared to be, we felt the application was not totally ready and the users also noticed it. This time, with paintingWalls v2.0, we are very proud of our job and we are really sorry because we believe the application could have been like this from the day of its first release

Main Features:

- Access to all the colors with a tap: paint it once and try other colors by tapping on it

- Paint with your finger: one of the new tools, the brush, allows you to spread the color with your finger

- Professional tools: use the wand to expand your painting or the lines and the polygons to get highly accurate strokes

- Delete what you do not like: use the eraser to delete the painting with the highest precision

- Move at your leisure: zoom in, zoom out and move the image to access all the zones with the new “Pan & Zoom” function

- New and amazing color catalogues: try the new colors of our catalogues. And get ready: more catalogues coming soon!

- Create your own Favorites Catalog: keep your favorite colors in a same catalog and  arrange them as you want

- Change the colors: tap twice a color to edit it as you want

- Create your color: use the new “picker” to choose the color that you want, the possibilities are endless!

- Do and Undo whatever you want: with the new version you will be able not only undo step by step your last movements, but also you will be able to redo them again

- Decorate with multiple colors: fix the painting to continue painting with other colors

- Work at your pace: save your projects to continue with them later without losing your job

- Don’t lose anything: last changes will be saved automatically when you quit the application

- Auto save settings: don’t worry for your settings, paintingWalls v2.0 will save them automatically

- Share your creations: upload your creations to facebook and twitter, and share them with all your friends

- Enhanced interface: many elements have been added but the interface has been simplified to be more user friendly

- Enhanced performance: new features have been added to the application and the performance overall has been improved for a faster speed

- Universal application: paintingWalls v2.0 runs on all iOS 4 devices and iPhone OS 3 for iPod Touch and iPhone

Endless possibilities:

- paintingWalls v2.0 is more than painting walls

- Try every color until you find the one you like

- Color photos in black and white

- Paint graffities on the walls without any fear

- Create multiple photos of the same project

- Share your art with the rest of the world

- Show your clients how your job will look like

- Find the color that matches each space the best

Become a master of paintingWalls v2.0:

- Join our twitter or follow us in our facebook page and learn all what paintingWalls v2.0 offers

- New features will be added weekly in order to improve paintingWalls v2.0

- Contact us by email for questions, feedback, suggestions, comments or even samples of your creations

- For more information visit our website:

And don’t forget you can try everything for free with paintingWalls Lite!

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