When it’s -10 degrees out, like it is many a day here in Chicagoland, there’s little else to do for fun but drink, get “frisky”, and play games.  Sometimes I do all three at once, but that requires skill and planning. 

My neighbors and I are known to down a few cocktails and play Catchphrase on the occasional Friday evening, so I was interested to see how PassPhrase, the iPhone knock-off of the game, would fair.  Now, this may be the schnopps talking, but I think it faired quite well. 

If you’ve never played Catchphrase, here’s the rules, in a nutshell: Make two teams of at least 2 people each.  Start the little device, which will give you a phrase you have to get your partner to say.  You can say anything to get them to say it, other than the phrase, part of the phrase, how to spell the phrase, or something that rhymes with the phrase.  For example – if the phrase was bannana bread, you might say, “fruit,” “dessert,” “loaf,” “peel,”, etc.  If your partner guesses the phrase, you quickly pass the device to the other team who has to guess the next phrase.  When the game ends, whoever has the most points – guessed phrases – wins.

PassPhrase works exactly the same way, but on the iPhone.  I got my neighbors together last Saturday, and we had a few drinks and played a few rounds on my iPhone.  And, it was fun!  There are a lot of categories to choose phrases from, and you can turn the categories on or off, depending on what everyone is familiar with.  The only drawback I found was that, the more cocktails into the night, the more likely my iPhone was to be dropped when it was flung from team to team.  Don’t play in a room with a stone floor, that’s my best suggestion.  For $1.99, it’s way cheaper than the Hasbro version.  I hear you can even play it sober!

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