Paul The Octopus – Interactive iPhone version

Too. Many. Choices. Ack!

Paul the Octopus has become a worldwide sensation and deserves all the credit for his predictions in the World Cup 2010 (8/8 in a row, 86% overall).

Although Paul has announced his retirement from professional predictions his legacy of legendary forecasts will live on forever.

You can now have the prophetic power of Paul the Octopus in the palm of your hand! Touch him, move him around and get to know him better.

Ask Paul a question. He will make his choice and stubbornly stick with it. Paul wont be bothered if you move him around because once he has made up his mind there is no turning back!

Not sure what movie to watch? Dont know which pub to go to? Can’t make up your mind on which shoes to wear? Not sure what to eat for dinner?
Ask Paul!
Paul takes the guesswork out of life’s hardest choices. Life changing decisions have never been easier.

■ Original – replay Paul’s most famous prediction – GermanySpain!
■ Yes No – get a 50-50 prediction to any dilemma you might have.
■ Custom – Advanced feature, enabling user interaction directly to Paul’s Tank container.
■ Newton based interactive physics simulation of the Octopus’s movement.

Direct link to the app store:

Powered by our innovative AI algorithm that emulates Paul’s super prediction powers.

We hope you enjoy our application!
Fond regards from Paul’s biggest supporters

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