Payday Roulette

Payday Roulette is a simple roulette game. When you start out, you’re presented with an extra-wide screen showing the table and Roulette wheel. You can move back and forth from the betting space and wheel view by tapping.

To place a bet, you simply drag chips from your stack of chips and place your bet. Combination bets are allowed, such as placing in between numbers and rows.

When you being dragging a chip, your view is zoomed in on the betting area so you can effectively place your bets. After you’ve placed all bets, tap to the right to move to the wheel view. To the right of the wheel is a nice grid which shows where all of your bets are placed.

To spin the wheel, you quite literally spin the wheel and send the ball flying. The ball will eventually slow and settle on a number, revealing your winnings or loss. The only irritating thing here is that you must manually spin the wheel. There’s no “auto spin” and manually doing it quickly gets old.

The interface itself is quite easy to understand once you figure out how to interact with all of the elements. Sound effects can be quickly turned off if you’re in a public place. If you’re unsure of how something works, instructions are provided for basic operation and types of bets.

There are two modes—Casino mode and Easy mode. Casino mode uses traditional American Roulette payouts and Easy mode reduces the house edge by a bit.

We did have one instance where the game froze on launch. A quick restart alleviated the issue, so we won’t count this against the app.

The good: Great zooming interface for placing chips. Grid on wheel view shows your bets at a glance. Instructions included. Simple interface is a breeze to use.

The bad: Wheel needs to be spun and ball thrown manually.

The Bottom line: Payday Roulette is a simple game to figure out and features a fantastic use of zooming to easily place bets. The graphics look good and gameplay is fast. The lack of an “auto spin” may get old, although the game is fun to play in spite of this.

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