I’m not all that down with the hip lingo the kids are using today, so when I first saw the name of this application, I had no freakin’ idea what it was for.  Hey - not to get too off topic, but - why do I always point out how old I am?  I mean, I’m really NOT that old.  It’s not like I can collect social security or anything.  Sure my hair is getting a bit gray and I have to wear underwire now, but BoyScouts don’t help me cross the street or anything.

But I digress.

Peeps, it turns out, is a little app to help you keep track of all your contacts.  “But Chrisa,” you say, “there is already a contact manager in iPhone.  Why would I need to buy Peeps?”  Good question, fair reader!  It turns out, if you’re under 25 or so, and your iPhone is full of contacts that you met at the mall, in class, online, and you take pictures of them all, then Peeps from Plausible Labs is for you.  If you have the name of your shrink, your boss, and the gals in the carpool instead, you probably don’t need it. 

The application is fine – it takes your contacts and puts them all into a nice list with the pictures visible.  If you view it vertically, it’s a table.  If you turn your iPhone and view it horizontally, it’s a flip list, like the iTunes album covers flip list.  Nice if you can’t remember the name of your Facebook booty call from last night, but not so great if you have 468 business contacts, none with pictures, like I do.  When I use peeps, I pretty much get a flip list of a zillion little owls, and that’s not really all that helpful.

The application also has a group manager feature, so if you want to put the girls you’ve already “tapped” (my teenager tells me this is a legitimate verb) in one list, and girls you haven’t in another, you can.  It’s definitely an app with an audience, but for someone like me, it’s not worth the $1.99. 

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