Pencil Pusher


Part of my “process” writing these reviews is that I do not do any sort of inquiry about the app that I choose to review. I avoid all other reviews so that the opinion I give is my own and I try to be as fair as possible. I chose an app called Pencil Pusher by SpinVisions solely based on the fact that the name caught my eye and sadly to say…. I ended up disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, Pencil Pusher has a decent idea behind it. It is a drawing app, but from what I could gather it is trying to be a more “precise” drawing app. In most iphone drawing apps, you draw with your finger, but in this app you control a pencil that does the drawing. The problem is that the app seems unfinished, with a complete lack of direction and instruction as to how to use it. To make matters worse, the controls feel awkward and take some a lot of getting used to. I literally spent the first 10 minutes of my time with this app wondering why my pencil wasn’t producing any lines at all. Finally, I felt like man discovering fire as I drew my first line, then proceeded to wonder how in the heck I had actually done it.

There are some good things about this app that show it has some potential. There is a large supply of palettes to choose colors from, it has the ability to import pictures from your iphoto library and save your drawings as well, there is a large selection of paper (backgrounds) to draw on, and the overall layout is very simple and clean. The options are there, but sadly after that, the app goes sour. 

There are no instructions of any kind anywhere within the app to tell you how to operate it. What I figured out, I figured out through trial and error. After a while I discovered that drawing requires two fingers placed on the iphone screen spaced pretty far apart (Closer together allows you to rotate the pencil.. kind of.. It doesn’t always seem to work… I may be doing it wrong?) Really, the controls just seem very awkward to me and at times proved to be quite frustrating. I found myself accidently drawing lines multiple times, and the app just wasn’t giving me the freedom to draw like I wanted. I’ve used other drawing apps, and this one just left me frustrated and with a headache.

Maybe with some updates, some instructions, some tighter controls, and maybe some additions to the pencil (Calligraphy pens? Paintbrush? a sponge?) this app could get a better review, but in its current state, I cannot say that I would recommend it to anyone.

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