Personal Jesus: Wisdom of the World

It´s time to wake up to a new app
It´s time to get some answers
It´s time to get your Personal Jesus

This new app will help you reach out to the wisdom of the world by giving you a speaking animated Jesus who delivers more than 200 quotes from the Bible directly into your I-Phone or I-Pad. It also allows you to share His word in social networks. You can have it on alarm setting, as a reminder to start your day with a beautiful thought or you can shake it for random mode to surprise yourself with different quotes.

Since Jesus is all around, you can watch him walking on water, having his last supper, being crucified, resurrected or in heaven. And since he is also universal and personally done for you…pick his color! White, Black, Asian or Celtic!

Any time. Any place. Any race.
Let the words of Jesus lend you a hand.
It´s in your hands!

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