Pet Pals

I’m always looking for apps that I can whip out in a hurry to entertain the kids during long car trips or endless waits at the doctors’ office, etc.

I thought this might be simple enough to entertain my non technical 7-year-old AND my uber computer geek of a 9-year-old. Also, I like apps that entertain me while I’m on hold for hours waiting for some person to get on the line and treat me like crap because I have an issue.

Pet Pals looked like the sort of app that might fit the bill for all of us. Sparebytes has created an pet simulation game where you can adopt up to 3 pets, choosing from 5 different animals, a cat, a dog, a penguin, a rabbit and a rock. The rock is a really funny touch. It eats, drinks, plays and moves. You have to bathe and take care of all the animals. Giving a bath to a rock is a fun one-time trick, but the action with the animals is a little limited. You can feed them, give them a toy, tickle them, and bathe or brush the animals, but that’s about it.

The animals request certain toys, food and baths and you get rewarded for giving them what they want. There are secret items hidden throughout the game, but we didn’t find any. My son did get $500 for putting the rock in the toybox.

The items in the store are oddly priced. A ball costs $50 and a toy mouse costs $400. The games earn extra money to buy supplies (such as a $400 toy mouse) and are very simplistic. Of the three games, one is a slot machine, one a sledding game and the third, a numbers guessing game. The sledding game is the most challenging, but still easily mastered by all of us.

I let my kids play this game and within 5 minutes my 7-year-old killed the rabbit. Even though I told her there would be no consequences for killing the bunny if she could just tell me what she did to make it expire, she continued to say she had no idea and it “wasn’t her fault.” The 9-year-old found the sledding game the most fun. I have to say there was no fighting over the Iphone to play the game and that tells me it isn’t the most entertaining Iphone app out there.

There is limited activity for the animals and the games are too easy. The sounds the animals make are cute and the cartoon animals look good. This is the first version Sparebytes has put out. It is rated 12+ on the age because of the simulated gambling.

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