PetTalk – Voice Recognition Puppy App for iPhone

Los Angeles, CA – Zoogis LLC today announced that its entertainment app, PetTalk, has been very well received in over ten countries and has exceeded all revenue expectations.  PetTalk showcases a cute virtual puppy that responds to voice commands.  It features an advanced speech recognition engine that allows the puppy to understand what is being said.  Say “beg” and the puppy will beg.  Say “stand up” and the puppy will stand.  There are over a dozen commands available and you can even add your own words for each.

“PetTalk was designed for our two boys, four and eight, who kept asking us for a puppy,” said Ara Juljulian, founder of Zoogis.  “I told them we will have to wait another year for a real puppy, but in the meantime I will design and develop this app for you.”

Pricing and Availability

PetTalk is available for purchase for $0.99 on the iPhone App Store at:

Additional Information

For additional information, including screenshots, a demo video, and more, please visit

You can also see the demo video here:


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