PhoneAGram: the singing telegram for iPhone

The Musical PhoneAGram

The “Singing Telegram” has returned with the Musical PhoneAGram App. A new and exciting way to share your love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries and even Break Ups! Plenty of hand picked Songs and new Events are constantly being added. And best of all you never have to update your app. You simply open your app and all new changes appear instantly.

At you can send your very own Musical Greeting Card along with a personal message you record, to any phone in North America!

That’s Right! Any landline, home phone, Cell phone, or smart phone.

You can schedule the delivery of your unique message any time and any date that suits you best.

Finally, something truly different to expresses your love, admiration, friendship, appreciation and best wishes regardless of the occasion.

Why buy yet another paper card, when for the price of a stamp alone, you can surprise and delight your friends, family, business associates and loved ones with a personalized PhoneAGram! The PhoneAGram App comes preloaded with 5 PhoneAGram credits. Currently, each greeting sent uses one credit. We take care of all Long Distance charges and Artist’s royalties. A bunch of exciting new features are coming soon and updates will always be free.

You can easily add more greetings to your app at any time with in app purchasing.

The PhoneAGram App gives you a Green alternative. Over 5 billion paper greeting cards are sent out each year. That represents hundreds of thousands of trees! Help save the planet in this unique and caring way.


Send The Musical PhoneAGram

How it Works:

The Musical PhoneAGram is simple.

First you select the Event you wish to send the greeting for. (Father’s Day, Birthday, even Breaking Up!)

Then select the date, time and phone number to deliver your greeting.
Pick a preferred Song…Record a personal greeting… AND SUBMIT.

The “New” button allows you to schedule and submit a new greeting.
“Pending” shows you the details of all your telegrams scheduled for delivery
“History” allows you to view all your delivered telegrams, date and time stamped.

When Sending a New Telegram:

-For your reference, Make sure to enter the recipient’s name.
-Enter a ten (10) digit North American phone number only (no spaces or dashes)
-Choose the date and time (including time zone) for delivery of your PhoneAGram.
-Select your favourite song from the list related to the event you chose.
-Record THE FULL NAME of the recipient (Talking clearly will help get the greeting to the right person.)
-Record your own personal message! Make sure it is Clear, Cheerful, Thoughtful, ….Say your name so that they know who it is from.
-Make sure the volume on your device is set to the maximum!
-We strongly suggest that you listen to your recording and rerecord as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the result.
-Press the “submit button” and your entire audio message will be uploaded to our servers and delivered automatically at the date and time you chose.

-Don’t worry, if the person is not home or does not answer we will deliver your greeting at another time without you needing to turn on your app or reschedule.
-If you decide to cancel a greeting that is scheduled for delivery, you can cancel it at any time before the scheduled delivery date, push “pending” and select the greeting to delete.

Note: 2nd generation iPod Touch users require an accessory microphone. Only North American phone numbers are accepted.


Every effort is made to deliver your PhoneAGram when scheduled, as well as to the specified individual. We will attempt delivery 4 times after which we will credit your account of remaining credits. Due to variances in the telephone network, the availability of a person to answer the phone and other unknowns, we cannot guaranty delivery of every PhoneAGram. Our liability is therefore strictly limited to the initial cost of this application.

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