Phonica Magazine UK: Gaming magazine for iPhone

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can now enjoy the mobile phone and gaming magazine at their fingertips
Phonica Magazine UK officially announced the successful launch of their magazine to the iTunes App Store.
Readers can now have their issue of Phonica Magazine UK on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Downloading the app automatically includes the latest issue of the magazine for free. Some of the features include notification of new issues, interactive page flipping and the ability to share your issue with your fellow iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch friends.
Phonica Magazine UK is an online magazine that focuses on mobile phones and gaming that started publishing in September 2009. In addition to reviews the magazine covers mobile phone and gaming events worldwide.
“The launch of Phonica Magazine UK on the App Store is a great opportunity for the team,” says Kevin Leonce, Editor in Chief, Phonica Magazine UK. “By focusing on mobile phones and games Phonica Magazine is able to deliver content that’s exciting and newsworthy. Our readers are happy; they now have one magazine that shares their passion for mobile phones and games. No more buying of two magazines or browsing multiple blogs or websites. Keeping our readers informed and entertained is something we all enjoy doing. With our app we can now deliver a great publication to a worldwide audience, who are excited about mobile phones and games as we are.”
Phonica Magazine UK has plans to be available on other platforms, such as the Android marketplace and the Blackberry App Store before the end of Q4.
For those wanting to get the app they can search the iTunes store for “Phonica Magazine UK” or download directly from the following link:
About Phonica Magazine UK
Phonica Magazine UK is a mobile phone and gaming magazine. We keep readers informed on what’s taking place in the industry. Delivering news and reviews in an interactive format we create the ultimate reader experience.

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