Photo Box for Facebook: Browse and download and organize self and friends’ photos and albums from Facebook quickly and easily

Tired of that never-ending spinner when viewing photos in Facebook? Hate that awkward blank screen and silent pause when swiping thru nice photos with friends? Want to batch-download you and your friends’ photos to your iPhone for offline viewing or send them as Email attachments?

Photo Box for Facebook is your choice. Feature highlights:

- View Facebook albums and photos of yours and your friends’
- View all photos with you or any of your friends tagged
- Grid view and slides view with multi-touch panning/zooming capability
- Download single / multiple photos, or even the entire album to your iPhone for offline access, with a few taps
- Downloaded albums / photos can be exported to Camera Roll of Photos app, or shared as Email attachments
- Search by album name or friend name

Photo Box for Facebook is designed with performance and scalability in mind:

- Advanced caching and background prefetching mechanism provide great user experience even in less optimal network conditions

- Have 1000 photos in one album and want to download them all with 2 taps (that’s not uncommon for a popular friend with lots of tagged photos)? That’s how we tested our app. Progressive and fully asynchronous data handling ensures UI responsiveness and minimum memory footprint even when processing large amount of data.

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