Photo LoL: The best photo-retouch app for iPhone / iPod Touch

Bologna, Italy – Rusted Gears {today|these days|nowadays|right now} is pleased to announce the release of Photo LoL 1..{2|two}, a new iPhone photo App {created|produced|developed|designed} for {changing|altering} {colors|colours} and {improve|enhance|boost|increase} {pictures|photos|images|photographs}. {Great|Fantastic|Excellent|Wonderful} Interface, advanced {selection|choice|variety|assortment} tools, layers {system|program|method|technique}, sharing {options|choices|alternatives|possibilities} for Facebook, Twitter and Random Effects are just a {few|couple of|handful of} of the {features|functions|attributes|capabilities} included in this App.

Retouching {pictures|photos|images|photographs} and {photos|pictures|photographs|images} is {easy|simple|straightforward|effortless} and funny with Photo LoL. Along with the {ability|capability|capacity|potential} to adjust {elements|components} like brightness, saturation and contrast, users can {create|produce|develop|generate} any {look|appear|search} they like by applying effects, {changing|altering} {colors|colours} and altering the RGB values. All these {options|choices|alternatives|possibilities} can be applied on the {entire|whole|complete|total} {picture|image} or can be {limited|restricted} to the {parts|components|elements} the users {prefer|favor|choose}.

{Selecting|Choosing|Picking|Deciding on} and cropping in Photo LoL are {easy|simple|straightforward|effortless} but {powerful|potent|effective|highly effective} at the {same|exact same|identical|very same} time. Users can {choose|select|pick|decide on} from {three|3} {methods|techniques|strategies|approaches} or combine them all: a {simple|easy|straightforward|basic} Polygonal Mask, the Dropper and the Magic Wand. Applying effects and {changing|altering} {colors|colours} is even {easier|simpler|less difficult|less complicated}. To simplify the user {experience|expertise|encounter|knowledge}, users can {choose|select|pick|decide on} {between|in between|among|amongst} {Fast|Quick|Quickly|Rapidly} and Advanced Mode.

{Using|Utilizing|Making use of|Employing} {Fast|Quick|Quickly|Rapidly} Mode, users can {completely|totally|entirely|fully} {change|alter|transform|adjust} their photo with just {one|1|one particular|a single} touch. With Advanced Mode, a lot of new settings will {appear|seem}: users can set HSV, RGB and other filters in the way they {desire|want|wish}. The layer {system|program|method|technique} introduced in this App {uses|utilizes|makes use of|employs} the {same|exact same|identical|very same} principles of the {professional|expert|skilled|specialist} photo-retouch softwares, so that users will {never|by no means|in no way|never ever} miss their {Computer|Pc|Personal computer|Laptop or computer}.

In the {next|subsequent|following} update to Photo LoL, Rusted Gears is {planning|preparing|organizing|arranging} to add tons of new {features|functions|attributes|capabilities}, like the landscape orientation, an iPad native version, new languages, fresh effects and {more|much more|a lot more|far more}!

Photo LoL {features|functions|attributes|capabilities} {include|consist of|contain|incorporate}:
* Iphone {4|four} retina display {support|assistance|help} for a shining graphic
* Congenial and {simple|easy|straightforward|basic} interface {since|because|given that|considering that} the {first|initial|very first|1st} use due to the integrated tutorial
* {Powerful|Potent|Effective|Highly effective} tools of {selection|choice|variety|assortment} to operate with {great|fantastic|excellent|wonderful} precision on {very|extremely|really|quite} {small|little|tiny|modest} spots
* Brightness, tonality, Rgb and Saturation controls
* {Key|Crucial|Important|Essential} to apply random effects
* Layer {Smart|Intelligent|Wise|Sensible} {system|program|method|technique} to practice {more|much more|a lot more|far more} {changing|altering} on the {same|exact same|identical|very same} {picture|image} {without|with out|without having|devoid of} {generating|producing|creating} confusion or dropouts
* ” Undo ” {key|crucial|important|essential} to erase {wrong|incorrect} selections
* Language menu Italian and English
* File saved in {great|fantastic|excellent|wonderful} resolution, {pictures|photos|images|photographs} will be {more|much more|a lot more|far more} {real|actual|genuine|true} than the original
* Sharing on most {popular|well-liked|common|well-known} social network, (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) and by mail
* Optimization for old devices to {avoid|steer clear of|stay away from|prevent} crashes and slowdowns
* {Constantly|Continuously|Continually|Consistently} updating

Name: Photo LoL
Author: Rusted Gears
{website|web site|site|internet site}:
{email|e-mail|e mail}: {info|information}
{Price|Cost|Value|Price tag}: 1.59
Localization: English and Italian, for now
Screenshots of the interface:{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-ui-01.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-ui-02.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-ui-03.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-ui-04.jpg
Screenshots of the {before|prior to|just before|ahead of}-{after|following|right after|soon after}:{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-01.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-02.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-03.jpg{images|pictures}/screen-photo-lol-04.jpg

Icon image:{images|pictures}/logo-photo-lol.png

Device {Requirements|Specifications|Needs}:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* {Requires|Demands|Needs|Calls for} iPhone OS {3|three}.1 or later
* 13.{3|three} MB

Princing and Availability:
Photo LoL 1..{2|two} is $1.99 USD (or 1.59 Euros) for the {first|initial|very first|1st} month as {offer|provide|supply|give} launch, and is {available|obtainable|accessible|offered} {worldwide|globally} {through|via|by means of|by way of} the AppStore in the Photography category. There is also on the AppStore a {Free|Totally free|Free of charge|Cost-free} Version with Advertisings and other limitations.

{Located|Situated|Positioned} in Bologna, Italy, Rusted Gears was founded in 2010, and {it’s|it’s|it is} composed by {people|individuals|folks|men and women} who {love|adore|enjoy|really like} Apple {products|items|goods|merchandise} and aspire to {create|produce|develop|generate} {amazing|incredible|wonderful|remarkable} {software|software program|computer software|application} for their users. We strongly {believe|think|feel} in our mission and we {put|place} {true|accurate|correct|genuine} passion on {everything|every thing|every little thing|anything} we {create|produce|develop|generate}, to deliver the {best|greatest|very best|finest} {experience|expertise|encounter|knowledge} to our {customers|clients|consumers|buyers}. Rusted Gears: {Awesome|Amazing|Great|Brilliant} apps for {awesome|amazing|great|brilliant} {people|individuals|folks|men and women}. All {Material|Materials} and {Software|Software program|Computer software|Application} (C) 2010-2011 Rusted Gears / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other {countries|nations}.

Alberto Paladino

itunes link:{8|eight}



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