Photoscope3D: browse your iPhone Photos

Fun efficient photo browsing.
Swipe an enchantingly moving cloud of bubbles to browse your photos! See your images unrolling beautifully in front of your eyes while you flick a double film roll!

Photoscope3D provides novel, compelling methods to browse your photographic albums. It utilises 3D patterns and metaphors to help you explore interactively large numbers of photos and albums. The interaction is simple and intuitive, based on touch gestures and naturally moving 3D objects. Physics-based transitions and animations are deployed to make the experience more pleasing and comfortable.
Photoscope3D eases the frustration of browsing large sequences of photos by eliminating the abrupt disappearance of photos at the edges of the screen.
Geometries found in nature like spirals, bubbles and clouds are deployed to compose and present intuitive photo visualizations.

In the past we found the way to store long sequences of photos using a film roll. Nature also stores long items in spirals like snails and shells. Why not browse your photos in the same way! Renaissance painters deployed novel 3D painting techniques to revolutionize painting forever, why not using the similar techniques to revolutionize mobile user experience?

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Photoscope3D deploys patent pending technologies which can be applied to a variety of other applications.

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