PianoGame – A new way to play with music on the iPhone

PianoGame_smallPianoGame it’s a musical and memory game! It will help you to refine your hear and to train your memory in recognizing and recall the notes played by PianoGame. Challenge your friends, train your hear and discover always new tunes!

The game plays a note and you have to guess and play it on piano. As you guess other notes will be added up to create long melodies. Will you remember the whole sequence?

Main features:

Multiple game modes: You can freely play the piano, or you can challenge your friends by simple or advanced play modes.
Standings Online: Follow your ranking on the iPhone or online on our web site, beat all the records of other users and show your mnemonic-musical skills!
Realistic beautiful design: Play on an high definition keyboard made with attention in every detail, both in front and on the back.

You can Download from following link at only 0.99$



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