What is PicMemo?

It is a convenient application program when you think
“I want to take notes, but it’s troublesome.”
“Though I’m taking the minutes of this meeting, but maybe I won’t review it later.”
“The idea seems not to come when it is essential.”

For instance, it makes a good showing in the following scenes.
・You want to record the content on the whiteboard written in the conference easily, and refer to them later.
・You want to stock the little idea scribbled on paper, keep them in order.
・You want to stock the reference image collection, keep them in order with tags to be shown in the presentation.
・You want to take pictures of product with a good design , look back them later as sample collections.

PicMemo is specialized in [take pictures][arrange them][see them].
Though it is a simple application, you will find [aha!] with it.

Recorded photographs can be displayed in CoverFlow, and browsed like turning over the notebook.
The tagged records (photographs) can be easily narrowed by an intuitive tag selection, you can reach the photographs in a flash.

You can also browse those pictures in transverse, which makes it easy to look for the records of the past.

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< main feature >
- You can preserve the photographs with the title, memo, and tag.
- The photographs can be browsed in CoverFlow.
- The photographs can be browsed in transverse.
- It is possible to permute photographs in the new order at the date and the old order.
- It is possible to narrow the photographs down with tags.
- It is possible to retrieve the photographs by the character string included in the title and the memo.
- It is possible to zoom each photographs.
- The photographs can be sent attached to e-mail and preserved in album of iPhone.

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