Picture-Map : View your photos on the world map !

Picture-Map is allowing you to travel on the world map, and what’ll you see is simply great ! Every single location of photos you have taken with your iPhone will be shown as a thumbnail on the map !
Of course if you have taken many picture at the same place, it will tell you how many photos are at this place.

Zooming-in will separate thumbnails that are not overlapping anymore ! You will have a new look at your pictures and you will remind some great places you did visit.
You can, of course, setup few parameters like the map type (standard, satellite or hybrid) or the albums you want to see on the map !

And finally you can view you photos in full screen and even email them !

The application is also compatible with the iPad. It will be a great app to view photos imported using the camera kit (the imported photos have to be geotagged for that).

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