Piffle Connect Lite- Exciting Free Word Game For iPhone/iPad

Piffle Connect is a multiplayer word game brought to you by Spinisland ( featuring several methods to connect with and challenge your friends. If you don’t happen to like your friends, we’re here for you because Piffle Connect also gives you the option to play against random opponents. The objective of Piffle Connect is to change the word made by your opponent into a new word using as many letters as possible, as quickly as possible. The game challenges players to take turns by applying up to 6 letters on an existing word in an attempt to create a new word. By ‘new word’ I don’t mean you get to make up words. Your new word must be recognizable by most dictionaries; not a word known only to you and your super-secret society friends. As the game continues, each word becomes a little more difficult to work with. We give you three wilds (special functions you can use only once each per game). Wilds help to manipulate the word or replace your existing letters when you have no other choice, but using a wild is costly so only use one when you must. Piffle Connect is a fun twist on social word games, and works on both iPhone and iPad. Anyone who loves to play word building games like scrabble, crossword puzzles or boggle will love Piffle Connect.

Piffle Connect adds a new dimension to social word gaming by limiting the user to only 80 seconds to complete their turn, and by adding visually impressive animation to the tile movements. Piffle Connect create excitement by making players race against a clock to complete each turn before the timer runs out. The faster the player completes a turn, the more bonus points rack up. A turn is completed by placing letters on top of, or in between the letters of the opponent’s previously created word in an attempt to create a new word. The more letters a player uses in the shortest amount of time, the more points earned. The longer the word created by a player, the more difficult it becomes for the next player.

Unique features:

Play up to 20 games simultaneously:
You can get a whole lot of games going and enjoy wordplay with friends any way you like. Add it all up, and you can play up to 20 games simultaneously

Push notifications:
Push notifications automatically informs you when it’s your turn.

Solo play mode:
Play as a single player. Piffle connect provides you Quick (4 rounds), Standard (9 rounds) and Marathon (14 rounds) game modes.

Local multiplayer mode:
Play against one or up to 4 players on your device

Social play mode:
Challenge your friends anytime, anywhere. Start a word game competition by inviting friends on facebook or by allowing the Piffle Connect server to randomly match players together from anywhere in the world

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* Twitter page:!/PiffleConnect

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