PingMe Messenger: Socialize and Share Multimedia

Here are some of the features that make PingMe stand out:
– Real-Time Communication — PingMe allows friends to message and share
photos at blazingly fast speeds

– Group Messaging — PingMe‘s Group Chat creates dynamic circles and
groups on-the-fly.

– Cost — PingMe is free in the U.S. and worldwide and offers unlimited
messaging. Compare this to the cost of SMS texts. (According to
Nielsen, the average teenager now sends 3,339 texts per month.)

– Geo Imprint — PingMe‘s opt-in geo-location functionality lets friends
find each other based on their location, making meeting up with
friends easier.

– Status Updates — Users can instantly let their PingMe contacts know
what’s on their mind and check in with their friends via PingMe‘s
NewsFeed. In addition, PingMe tells you when someone sends you a
message — even when PingMe is closed.

– Security and Reliability — Every message is secured by an individual
signature — guaranteeing messages are always authentic.

PingMe Messenger - RadiumOne Labs

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