Every now and then, if you sift through all the bodily function apps and 99 cent games closely, you’ll find a really nice app to build up your budding iPhone virtual reference library.  Pinouts from CP3 Inc is one such app.  It’s incredibly straightforward…it provides the most common network and telephone connector pinouts for crimping your own cables.  The content itself has actually been freely available on the AlaTec website since 1997 but has been aggregated and mobilized on the iPhone for a small price (call it a convenience fee).

Right now it includes 1 step-by-step guide to crimping RJ45 (yer basic Ethernet) connections.  The remainder are pinouts and descriptive text for the following connectors: EIA/TIA 568B, TIA/TIA 568A, USOC RJ11 (yer basic phone cable), USOC RJ45 and MMJ.  The presentation throughout includes colorful, easy to understand diagrams and well-written instructions (A+ for technical writing skills). 

Their site states the price will be increasing by a buck once the next update hits with new content (computer and audio connector pinouts) so now’s the time to grab this nifty reference tool.  Recommended for any and all cable nerds and you know who you are.  This one’s a keeper.

Version reviewd – 1.0
Reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8GB 2.2.1

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