PirateFleet for Friends: Battleship for this Generation

Do you long for the good ‘ol days of sitting on the floor and playing Battleship with your friend and family?  Maybe you don’t have the time anymore.  Maybe your friends and family have moved away.  Of course, you can find Batteship-type games which allow multiple users with the old fashioned “Pass and Play” technique.

What is “Pass and Play”?  You make a move and hand your phone to your opponent.  They make a move and hand it back.  It’s a little boring and it’s not be flexible.  What if you want to play when you aren’t standing next to each other.  Sorry.  What if you want to play against someone in another part of the world.  Again, not going to happen….until now.

PirateFleet for Friends changes all that.  Now you can play Battleship across the room, across town, or across the world.  Milton Bradley certainly didn’t envision that in 1931 when they released the pen and pencil version under the name “Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy”.

You start off the game by creating an account using your email address and selecting a pirate name.  Then you can start a game.  You can select an opponent by Pirate name, email address, a previous opponent or request to be paired with random Pirate somewhere in the world.  How cool is that!  You can send multiple invitations and have multiple games in various stages.PirateFleet IPhone App

Once your invitation is accepted, the gameplay is relatively simple.    Once you make a few moves (you shoot less as the game proceeds), the game sends a notice to your opponent.  If your opponent is running the game they are notified immediately to take their turn.  If they are not running the game they receive a notification (much like a text message) that it’s their turn.   When your turn begins, you get a chance to review where your opponent struck before taking your turn again.  That gives you a chance to see if they are getting closer to sinking your ships.

The free version of the game has an ad played between turns.  The paid version of the game obviously eliminates the annoying ads.

PirateFleet IPhone AppIt’s not a fast paced game but that’s the beauty of it.  Take your turn when you have time.  Shoot a few quick shots while waiting for your lunch date to show up.  Pull out your phone and sink a few ships before your next appointment. Don’t worry, your ships will sit there while you wait. You can battling your kids, wife, and friends all at the same time (up to 10 for the free version).

There is even a chat feature for sending threatening messages to your pirate nemesis.

Overall, it an addictive game for young and old.  It’s a slow-paced, fun and spirited version of a timeless game that you can enjoy with friends and family all over the world.  So sit back, relax, and try to sink my battleship.

Want to learn more?  Check out their PirateFleet homepage.

Here is the video trailer:

The free version:PirateFleet for Friends ~ a game like Battleship - UnitedToy The paid version:PirateFleet+ for Friends ~ a game like Battleship - UnitedToy



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