Pivotal Tracker: Productivity Application for Agile Project Management Teams

Just last week, Pivotal Labs released Pivotal Tracker for iOS, the officially supported Pivotal Tracker app for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch!

Pivotal Tracker for iOS may look slightly familiar, as it’s based on the popular TrackerBot, which Pivotal Labs recently acquired from Vulpine Labs LLC.

Pivotal Tracker is a free productivity app to help make your agile project management that much easier now that you can work from anywhere. After downloading and installing it, sign in with your Pivotal Tracker email address (or username) and password. If you’re not a Tracker user yet, signing up only takes a few seconds.

Just choose a project from the projects list and you will see the familiar story panels, but streamlined for the iOS touch interface. The current iteration and the backlog are combined in one panel, and you can swipe sideways to move between panels.

Create stories, edit them, reject them, delete them, add comments or tasks, and view attachments right from your mobile device. The interface is designed exclusively for iPad and iPhone, incorporating the seamless transitions and animation you expect from a native app, but it’s also familiar to anyone who’s used Pivotal Tracker on the web.

Drag stories to move them using one or two fingers. With one finger, touch a story, hold it until you see it’s shadow, and drag. If you’d rather not wait for the shadow, use two fingers to drag the story immediately.

Finding the right spot for that story is easy – the multi-touch interface lets you easily scroll through your stories, even while you’ve got a story in your other hand.

Pivotal Tracker for iOS keeps a copy of your project offline, allowing you to access your stories even without an internet connection. You do need to be online to edit stories, though.

Pivotal Tracker has got lots in store for the app, and you can expect frequent updates. They are starting with features that will bring Pivotal Tracker for iOS closer to parity with Pivotal Tracker on the web, including search, improved panel management, and My Work, but also plan to add unique features that take advantage of iOS and the mobile platform. Stay tuned!

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