‘Plopp’ – Big Chain Reactions in a really addictive new puzzle game

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Even though the iPhone offers a lot of new possibilities for game-developpers, most games are remakes of commen concepts and it is rather rare that a really new concept is being tried. ‘Plopp‘ is one of these exceptions and thus seemed being worth for me having a closer look to. I recommend you also to try it, since it is free to download. Plopp is all about big chain reactions and shockwaves and offers really a completely new action-puzzle-game-experience.

The game presents itself evolving around a very simple concept of Bubble-like circles so called ‘Plopps’ that emerge all over the place and start growing. When a Plopp is being tapped, it explodes and a shockwave is unleashed. If other Plopps are hit by a shockwave they also explode causing big colorufl chain-reactions. The bigger a Plopp grows, the more points it contains, but if 2 Plopps touch each other, they both vanish. Even though numbers are important, Plopp is very easy to pick up by everybody and even small kids have great fun with it, just by clicking around and to see how the colorful shock waves expand. Experienced players also get a real challenge, as the quests get quite difficult in advanced levels. The first 5 levels with 20 quests are for free and additional levels can be unlocked with ingame-purchase.

Plopp offers a unique new gameplay while being colorful and relaxing. The game has an incredible flow, since everything is changing constantly as you need to make decisions all the time.

* Experience a totally unique puzzle-experience.
* Unleash big chain reactions.
* Get mesmerized by awesome visuals.
* Explore four Different Game Modes.
* Challenge your friends in various high-scores.
* Face eighty challenging quests.
* Accessible ‘One-Touch-Controls’ allow anybody to play.
* Listen to three great in-game soundtracks or rock your own iTunes.

Happy Plopping :)

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