Pocket Coach iPhone Personal Development App Announces Price Drop

Pocket Coach, the most successful personal development and lifestyle-changing iPhone app developed by Apollo Innovations, received a massive price drop today. Now it’s available for $4.99 on Apple’s App store.

Apollo Innovations, one of the most popular iPhone app publishers, is offering their highly-rated iPhone life style app for only $4.99 for a limited time. As a thank-you to the ‘Pocket Coach’ customers, the developers dropped the price of their lifestyle app from $6.99 to $4.99, with plans to hold the lower price for a limited period. Pocket Coach is a popular iPhone lifestyle application, which was specially designed to help individuals discover, determine and achieve their goals, as well as improving various facets of their lives. Most of the goal-setting apps on iTunes are limited to very fewer functions or even some apps focus on a very specific aspect. But Pocket Coach is entirely different from the others. It is a multi-functional application that was designed to be the only reliable iPhone app for goal-setting and achievement.

Pocket Coach’s prominent features include:

22 daily exercises designed explicitly to accelerate the goal-achieving process
Core exercise process including powerful processes such as visualizations and affirmations
Push notification instant alerts that remind you of your personal development and goals
Stepping-Stone Calendar designed for daily goal-related tasks
Weekly and monthly Accountability Reports that hold you accountable to your goals
30, 60, 90 day goal-setting structure
Suggested Reading list with book recommendations that accompany a goal-achieving lifestyle

Commenting about the price reduction, Apollo Innovations, developer of ‘Pocket Coach’ said, “On the app store, many personal growth & lifestyle apps look and act similar. They mislead the user and all while taking their money. But, we thought that the power of achieving one’s goals is within the individual and people just need a medium to help being their best out. As a result of this thinking, we created Pocket Coach and designed it to be more than just another iPhone application: it would put the power of change and advancement in the hands of the user.”

The developers also claim that If Pocket Coach is used with integrity and honesty, it can assist the users in achieving their goals that once seemed too far off or even unrealistic. The app utilizes a powerful calendar system that will help create a step-by-step path towards a user’s goals. Pocket Coach can be set to monitor a user’s daily core exercises, and additional supplemental exercises, assisting him in the process of goal-achievement. The app utilizes push notification to alert and remind the user that he has to complete the exercises on time. Most significantly, users can monitor their progress with weekly and monthly reports generated by the app which will include information about the user’s personal development and daily task completion. Finally, using the reports, a user can identify the area that needs to be improved, which will help increase one’s success in accomplishing tasks and goals.

Device Requirements

* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability

Pocket Coach is only $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store. Check out the web address for more exciting info on Pocket Coach.

Download Pocket Coach

About Apollo Innovations

Apollo Innovations specializes in creating lifestyle iPhone applications focusing on personal development. The company envisions bringing personal development to the masses, rather than the masses to personal development. The company has plans to develop several personal development Mobile applications, Website-integrated applications targeting specific markets and applications integrated directly into corporate and education systems.

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