Pocket God


Let’s face it, who hasn’t imagined playing god now and then? Maybe you want to fry someone with a lightening bolt or just fling them into the atmosphere. For the less vengeful, perhaps you just want to toy with the laws of physics a little. Now Bolt Creative gives you a little island of cute, big-eyed islanders to spare or destroy (mostly destroy) at your whim.

Pocket God is an entertaining app that lets you explore multiple ways of tormenting your cute little islanders. Toss a couple in the volcano, fry one with a bolt of lightening, or tilt your iPhone and watch them slide right into the ocean. If you run out of islanders, simply add some more and continue at will.

Tossing islanders in the volcano can be a little challenging at times, which is probably where most people will find the replay value for the time being. If you manage to toss three islanders in the volcano, you are rewarded with an eruption that will rain molten lava onto the remaining inhabitants of the island. You can watch the islanders run around and leap into the ocean where they promptly drown. Sure it’s sadistic, and yet strangely cute.

Admittedly, this app may quickly become tiresome for some users. This is where the promised updates of Bolt Interactive become a tempting part of the lure of this app.  The creators promise in the description on iTunes: “We aim to update every week for the next few updates.” If they hold themselves on this schedule, this should go a long way towards making this a much more appealing app over the long run.

Pocket God is entertaining, but as it is, it falls short in the long run. There simply is not enough to the app to keep my attention for an extended period of time. While really entertaining for a few minutes, the joy of destroying islanders fades quickly.

There are really only a few ways of making the islander’s lives miserable, and no ways of making their lives better. The application description on iTunes asks whether you will be a benevolent or vengeful god, but unfortunately you are really not given the choice at this point.  The developers have claimed that the next update will allow you to give the islanders rest (not sure what that means), but unfortunately I can’t review it if I haven’t seen it. I must admit I’m intrigued enough that I’m looking forward to that update.

Additional powers will of course enhance the app substantially. I also like to have some feeling of lasting accomplishment. It would be entertaining to see your islander’s mood change depending on the type of god you are. Would they fear you? Love you? Hate you? The choice of good or evil is much more satisfying when it comes with some sort of consequence.

The question on everyone’s mind is always, “Should I buy it?” The answer lies mainly on whether you believe the developers will continue to provide updates as promised. Some updates (ability to fry islanders with lightening) have already been added, so it does look promising. In the end, this app will be something of a gamble depending on how long the updates continue and how good they are. Personally, I think it is worth a buck to see just how far this app can go.

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