PointGuard – New Basketball Game App for iPhone and Ipod Touch

Independent developer, Glenn Nichols, would like to introduce, PointGuard, an exciting new 3d basketball game app for iOS devices.

Just when you thought all basketball apps were becoming the same arcade and three point shooter, PointGuard arrives to provide a new perspective on the basketball game app. With two minutes remaining in the game, your team down in points and the ball in your hands, what do you do? In PointGuard, you assume the the role of point guard, as you use an array of offensive and defensive moves to will your team to a victory, and ultimately, the championship.

PointGuard features 3D graphics, true ball physics, fast gameplay, simple game mechanics, and is currently the only five on five basketball experience in the app store! PointGuard also features the ability to select background music tracks, turn on and off arcade effects such as explosions and camera zooms, and even play with “basketball orange only” graphics. PointGuard is now available in the Apple app store for .99.

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