Poof! ‘em!: Ghost game on the iPhone (free promo code)

We are from the We’re a team of developers, focusing on making games for the iPhone. We’ve made a game on iPhone, now we just released the latest version of “Poof em”,it’s a whole new style game and we would like to share the game .We release our games on different web portals and platform for which you will find the links and options to locate the same as well. Whether it is on the iPhone, Android, OVI or any other platform, the latest of the games, apps or solutions released by will be displayed and be available on partnering websites and/or with us as the case may be.

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Game Information
App store :
Title name – Poof em
Platform – iPhone / iPod Touch
OS iPhone OS 3.0 later
Price – 0.99 USD

Game Description:
To get a glimpse of this game, read the description mention below and you will come to know What to do and How to win -

When the ghosts are let loose and you have what it takes to make them disappear, that is when others cry out for you- Poof! ‘em.

The only way they disappear is when you hit the ghost with the right Colored Pumpkin. There are balloon ghosts and solid colored ghosts.

Watch out for the balloon ghosts, for you have to kill them with the name of the color written on them and not with the color the name is written in.

Game Features
• Manage your ammo smartly or they might not be enough for you to kill

• Watch out for the mysterious behavior of the ghosts- their erratic movement, vanishing, changing shape, rebound effect, enlarging, becoming small.

• Learn to deal with their mysterious ways and earn point

• Submit you score on-line and beat your score every time

• Test your endurance and collect the 8 different achievements that are present over there

You need to keep your eyes open and co-ordinate between your brain and your hands to win this game. And thats not it, you can compete with others, who have scored better then you have. Beat them by making the highest score and enjoy the fun and excitement of being the best in this game. As per the sources from, they will keep updating the game and keep on adding the excitement to it. So, catch the exhilaration when the ghosts are running loose and you Poof! ‘em.

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