In the mood to pop some pills? The object of Popper! is to fire colored pills (or think of them as candies if you prefer) from the bottom of the screen into the colored pill mass that occupies the top part of the screen. If you launch a white pill and hit red, then your pill gets added to the mass; successfully launched pills will knock out like-colored pills when they make contact.

There are ten levels in all and each one behaves a little differently. Sometimes the pills you need to knock out are flying around in a circle, sometimes they slide left and right across the top of the screen, and sometimes the accelerometer comes into play just to make things interesting. Clever Twist also built in powerups that you have to tap quickly before they fall out of sight, and other than that Popper! is a fun game that’s very simple and straightforward.

The game is so simple, in fact, that there’s not much more to say about it! I’ll let the video fill in the rest of the gaps and move on to my complaint list which is all pretty small stuff:

  • Need a global scoreboard (as always)
  • I’m not crazy about the way names are entered when a high score is set… just gimme a keyboard and enough space to spell out “iPhoneAppReviews” and I’m good
  • The app doesn’t defer to iPod music

That’s basically it. Popper! is a pretty cool game with a nice glossy feel to it, so if you’re on the hunt for something new I’d say it’s worth the $1.99 asking price.

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