PrankComix: gag app for iPhone (free promo codes)

Kevin’s comment: From the back page of Superman to the back page of your iPhone…


4-in-1 app great iconic gags that actually work
If you ever poured over comic books, the ads presented definitely caught your eye. Those magical products with their catchy illustrations, offered the chance to make you the life of any party.

Then the wait for the mail, waiting for those prized items that weren’t exactly cracked up to the enticing (but questionable) claims that the ad promoted.
These products have been updated and actually work

4-in-1 app great iconic gags that actually work

Rectal Blast – This updated Whoopie Cushion has a delay timer to make a quick exit after you set it.

Hidden Voice – Remember the broken promise of making you a ventriloquist.
No lessons needed with this one. This app will do the work for you when you feel the need for some fun.

X-Ray Spec Machine – I can’t say enough about this one. It is easy to use and the graphics are astounding. Make sure you read result of scan carefully.

HypnoWheel – This is without a doubt the best HypnoWheel out there. Spellbinding and relaxing.

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