Presidents vs. Aliens: Learn about the presidents on your iPhone/iPad

Charlotte, North Carolina – Presidents vs. Aliens, the latest release from the developer ofStack the States, is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Presidents vs. Aliens is an educational app for all ages that teaches about the US presidents in a unique and fun way.

The goal of Presidents vs. Aliens is to correctly answer questions about the 44 presidents of the United States and then fling the presidents at the aliens to eliminate them. When the player completes a level, they win a randomly chosen president which is placed on their personalized screen. Players can customize the difficulty of the game by choosing which types of questions they are quizzed on.

Presidents vs. Aliens covers a wide variety of presidential facts including nicknames, quotes, vice presidents, dates in office, historical events and more. The game includes 44 president flash cards so players can brush up on their president knowledge or use them for reference. As players collect the presidents of the United States, they can unlock two free bonus games: Heads of State!, which focuses on identifying presidents by their picture and Executive Order!, which helps players arrange the presidents in chronological order.

Presidents vs. Aliens Features:
* Hundreds of unique questions
* 44 flash cards — one for each president!
* Collect all 44 presidents and track your progress on a personalized screen
* Earn FREE bonus games: Heads of State! and Executive Order!
* Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app
* Create up to five player profiles
* Choose any of the presidents as your avatar
* High resolution pictures of famous presidential landmarks
* All games are powered by a realistic physics engine
* Fun sound effects and music
* iPhone 4 Retina Display support

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