PressPanic: Hospital Locator

PressPanic: Hospital Locator on iPhone & Android

During an emergency, quickly locating the closest Hospitals can save a loved one’s life. PressPanic can locate Hospitals when it matters most. PressPanic locates the closest Vet Clinics and Human Hospitals immediately using your Smart Phone’s GPS, wherever you are in the USA. Be Prepared at home, work & on vacations. Do you always know where an emergency Hospital is?

With one button the free version of PressPanic GPS locates the closest Vet Clinics to your exact location. No browsing or typing, just immediate results. The upgraded version for just $1.99 one time (cheaper than a box of band aids) helps users locate Vet Clinics Plus Human Hospitals. PressPanic was developed for those concerned with their family’s health and well being.

Whether you travel to another state or make a 40 minute drive to the park, one press hospital results will give peace of mind. Just one button gives exact directions and phone numbers to save precious time. Download PressPanic and always know where the closest Hospitals are before it’s too late.
PressPanic is supported by John Porter of Kirkland Road Vet Clinic in Orlando. Orlando Magazine has just given John the Top Vet Award in the September Issue (page 60).

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