PrimeTime Quiz Show

I often claim to be a complete moron – which I totally am! – but I still love quiz games. Answering trivia questions is how I reassure myself that I’m not THE dumbest person on the planet, so naturally PrimeTime Quiz Show grabbed my attention.

As soon as you launch the app it’s apparent that PixelLive poured some considerable sweat into building a real alternative for the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire crowd. Aside from the obvious App Store icon similarity, PrimeTime Quiz comes complete with a virtual gameshow host, multiple choice questions, “life lines”, and a question ladder that stretches from¬†$100 to $1,000,000.

In terms of gameplay, PrimeTime Quiz Show is almost exactly like Millionaire: answer questions of increasing difficulty, use up to three life lines to get past tougher questions, and try to make it to the $1,000,000 question. Miss one and you’ll get a gentle taunt from the creepy virtual host who looks like he could be Regis Philbin’s mutant love child.

Weird-looking hosts aside, this app  does a lot of things well. It opens with a nice video intro to set the mood for the game, the controls are easy, using life lines is a smooth process, and generally speaking PrimeTime is pretty slick! It definitely has a shiny quality that you would expect to find in a premium app, all the way down to the options for skipping past the 3D fanfare so you can concentrate on playing the game.

PrimeTime Quiz also claims to be equipped with a hefty 2,000 questions which dwarfs the 900 questions that Millionaire lists in its App Store description. Hopefully PixelLive will continue to add to the question pool because, even though 2,000 sounds like a lot (and it is), it’s still pretty easy to repeat questions you’ve already encountered in the past.

There are lots of other ways this app could improve that are generally applicable to all quiz games… add a pass-n-play or head-to-head mode, online multiplayer, global scoreboard, etc. Multiplayer modes in this kind of game are always kind of sketchy because of the likelihood that people will figure out how to cheat their asses off, but one thing I always want is a global scoreboard. Yeah, I know, cheaters will try to ruin that as well, but I think cheating could potentially be offset by awarding time bonuses for fast answers. If you have to google it, it’ll cost you.

The gameplay in this quiz game could also stand to be sped up a notch, but aside from that I think this is a very solid trivia game for just $.99… which, btw, is a total steal compared to $4.99 for Millionaire. PrimeTime Quiz Show’s App Store description says it’s currently “on sale” (don’t they ALL seem to say that?) so if you’re a fan of trivia games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire then grab this one while it’s hot.

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