Pro Wrestling Torch: Free Wrestling news app for iPhone

Pw Torch is your fastest, freshest, minute to minute independent source of wrestling news.

•Up to the minute PPV reaction
•Gives info on independent wrestling as well as the main ones (WWE, TNA, Etc)

How easy to use?
The app has a very good looking simple design, with a very easy menu bar at the bottom to switch between product. This is all in a dark red theme, that looks great. In a test against the payed app wrestling-online this app is much faster at updating news, and has many more columns and wrestling related articles.

News Updates
This is where the app really shines, news is frequently updated all the time, and like most other wrestling apps is read easily, as the app reframes the article to fit the screen.

This app is much much better than all other wrestling news apps, I have tested so far. It’s fast, easy to use, gets the job done, and best off all it’s free!!

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