ProCamera Update Appeals To Pro And Casual iPhone Users today updated its famous ProCamera iPhone camera app to version 2.9, introducing the Easy Expert Mode with advanced focus/exposure control and real-time white balance adjustment. By setting focus and exposure separately to different spots on the viewfinder, users can easily benefit from technologies even high-end digital cameras and camcorders cannot provide.

„ProCamera is designed for intuitive and fast control over professional features enhancing the iPhone camera,“ said Jens Daemgen, founder and head developer at „Users have never been that close to being capable of creating such high-class videos and photos with a digital camera.“

„If you are used to the power of a digital SLR camera then this app offers high-end digital camera features with full-resolution picture processing but with the ease of a snapshot camera,“ said David Cleland, photographer and creator of iPhonific, a website dedicated to his enthusiastic iPhone Photography.

„I was at work while I updated this app and I just couldn’t help but stop what I was doing to take pictures just so I can see what I’ve been missing out without adjustable exposure,“ said Samspon Koon, ProCamera customer and passionate iPhone photographer. „I didn’t even realize how annoyed I was with lighting until I played around with the adjustable exposure.“

ProCamera allows iPhone users to get the best out of the iPhone camera. With useful features missing in the system Camera app such as AntiShake image stabilization or a self-timer, ProCamera customers are able to use the best camera – the one that‘s always with them – without limitations. Easy-to-use professional features help unexperienced iPhone users to arrange and align photo and video subjects according to well-known rules of Photography. By using on of the grid guides or ProCamera‘s Virtual Horizon, photos and videos can look like artistic creations of long-time professionals.

The Photo Studio built into ProCamera offers essential tools to enhance photos taken with the iPhone and photos imported from a computer. Users may lighten-up dark photos with a sophisticated software-gamma-flash, adjust contrast and brightness, or apply Black&White and Sepia effects to personalize their images.

Despite the vast number of features, the user experience provided by ProCamera is simple and fun, making advanced Photography available to almost every iPhone user, wether they are seasoned photographers or users totally new to Photography.

Pricing and Availability:
ProCamera V2.9 is available through the App Store for $2.99 (US). Existing ProCamera users may upgrade ProCamera for free by going to the update page of the App Store. Full requirements for all features can be found on the product website ( and in the App Store description of ProCamera: iTunes App Store Link has been developing iPhone and iPod apps since the launch of the Apple App Store and has continuously working on their applications to give their customers the most powerful features to enhance the iPhone functionality combined with intuitive and convenient user experience.

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