Project 72 – One of the most exciting projects of 2010

Project 72, has finally been released!
You guide your rocket through space avoiding running out of fuel and hitting all the obstacle.
When you collide with an obstacles you either slow down or get eliminated

* Asteroids and satellites will cause the ship to slow down.
* Black holes will pull you towards them until you run out of fuel and get stuck in space (GAME OVER!).
* UFO’s should be avoided at all cost as they will destroy you on the spot.

In order to travel far into space you need rocket fuel, there are fuel power-up’s that appear randomly throughout the game and you need to pick up as many as possible. There are also other power-up’s to help you on your mission such as a Shield and some Nitro.


Project 72 begun Tuesday January 5, when 4 boys from Venice CA aka Dogtown sat down for dinner and started to discuss what to do next. The idea of making a game in 72 hours started to take place. A few hours later at 8pm the project was officially on its way, deadline set to Friday January 8 at 8pm . Were they gonna finish it in time?

They did and this game is the result!

You can recap the development on the official Project 72 website at where the whole project was documented live (blog, twitter and webcam) by the boys as they made the game.

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youtube link:

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