ProOnGo Expense – Expense Manager for Small Biz

ProOnGo Expense is an expense solution to manage you and your company’s expenses anywhere, anytime from any device.

What makes ProOnGo Expense so unique is that it is the only application in which you can view and approve/deny your employees’ expenses from your iPhone, Android, iPad or any desktop or laptop. ProOnGo Expense also offers the very best integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online, the largest small business accounting system, so as soon as you approve/deny your employee expenses, you can instantly update your books using your reimbursement method.

The mobile application itself is jammed packed with features:

• Manager Approval – Managers can view all of their employees expenses from their application, Approve/Deny the expenses, and create expense reports.
• Receipt Reader – just take a picture of a receipt and ProOnGo Expense will automatically extract the merchant, date and total amount to create an expense. Users can also attach receipt images to an email and send them to ProOnGo Expense to process in the Receipt Reader, as well as forward the e-receipts they receive in their email inbox to process in the Receipt Reader.
• Mileage Tracking – Utilizing odometer readings, addresses, or your phone’s GPS, ProOnGo Expense will calculate the distance you have traveled, multiply it by your reimbursement rate and create a mileage expense for you.
• Time Tracking – Create time expenses from your calendar entries and call logs (on iPhone & BlackBerry) or record the time you’ve spent on a job.
• Credit Card Integration – Download your credit card transactions and categorize them to record your expenses.
• Custom Expense Reports – If you have a company expense report you need to fill out to get reimbursed, we can integrate that spreadsheet into the application so you’ll never have to key in your data into a spreadsheet again.
• Custom Accounting System Integration – If your company uses NetSuite, Oracle, PeachTree or any of the other accounting systems, ProOnGo Expense can create a customized file that will easily import into your system.

There are individual and business subscriptions, individual subs ranging from 99c a month to $9.99 a month, while business packages get as low as $2.90/month per user. Email any questions you might have to

ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader - ProOnGo LLC

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