Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Pouch Case for iPhone 4

Proporta Aluminum Lined Pouch Case for iPhone 4
If you like the feel of the iPhone in your hand with out a case but still want to protect the phone while in your pocket, a pouch case may be right for you.
I have always used hard cases or silicone cases in the past and when I was given the opportunity to test the Proporta pouch case for the iPhone 4 for this review I initially had some reservations. After a week of using this case those reservations are now gone. This is a well made case that offers many features the other pouch cases do not.

First of all the Proporta case is made of very nice leather, it just looks like a quality product. The dark brown leather is highlighted by a dark red thread and pull tab that add a nice richness to the overall design. As mentioned the case features a pull tab that makes the phone a breeze to get in and out of the case. One simple pull on the tab and the phone is lifted just enough to make it easy to remove from the case without having to worry that it will lift the phone too far and fall out of the case.

The case has a silk like interior that further protects your iPhone from scratches. But, perhaps the best feature of this case is the thin sheet of aluminum that is embedded in the front panel of the case. The aluminum provides structure to the case and adds another level of protection for the front glass of your iPhone.

Once inside the case your iPhone is as protected as any case can provide. The case offers a very snug fit and there is no risk of your iPhone slipping out of the case inadvertently.

If you are in the market for a pouch case and want the finest case you can find, I think you will be pleased with the Proporta case for iPhone 4. It provides great protection, is convenient to use, offers a lifetime warranty, and looks fantastic.

Go to Propota’s web site and take a look.

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