Pub Trivia



I’m back!  D’ya miss me?  I missed you!  No, really – I did, I’m not just saying it. 

I would have been back sooner if it wasn’t for the completely mindless waste of time that I’ve been sucked in to – yeah, ok, Mafia Wars (shout out to my amazing and ever-expanding crew) – but also, Pub Trivia by GeoTeam Games. 

My mind is a vast wasteland of useless trivia, thanks to my 11th grade history teacher, who started each day with a trivia question.  It stuck with me, and I have been a fan of random bits of information ever since.  For example, did you know that Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag is NOT rectangular?  Why do I need to know that?

Pub Trivia is an outlet for the flotsam and jetsam running around in my brain.   It works just like Buzztime, the bar trivia game you may have played at your local drinking establishment.  Log in with a user name and location and join in the fun, answering trivia questions.  Each question has four possible answers and, as times ticks by, possible answers are eliminated.  But so are points.  Score 150 if you get the answer right before an option is eliminated, 100 if one possible is eliminated, 50 if two, and zero if three.  Of course, if you guess wrong, you lose points. 

Pub Trivia will even assign you to a team, based on your geographical location, to compete against other trivia buffs online at the same time.  Teams, obviously, fare better than individuals in overall scoring domination.  Once a game of 10 trivia questions is concluded, the app shows you the score board, where you place as an individual player, where your team places, and where you placed as a team contributor. 

Overall, a fun little app for a tiny little price.  Plunk down your cash and watch your time get sucked into a vortex.  Enjoy!

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