Publishing Stars Launches iPad Children’s Book

The Dutch company Publishing Stars today launched its interactive iPad children’s book Kib & Cuckoo Baku: Kib Can’t Sleep. According to the book’s author, company co-founder Daan van Beurden, Publishing Stars is pleased with this book for children two to six years old: “We’re offering much more than a neat book you can flip through on your iPad. There’s interactive animation on every page, a game to play, and pictures to color. You can send us your pictures direct from your iPad, and we’ll post them on our website.”

Kib & Cuckoo Baku: Kib Can’t Sleep comes with a choice of six different languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese) and costs € 4.99. The animation makes reading aloud a treat for both parent and child.

The story, which is set to rhyme and deals with the problem of getting to sleep, is the first volume in a series of similar tales about Kib. Frances Raboen, the book’s illustrator and Publishing Stars co-founder explains: “Kib, the little star who can’t sleep, finally falls asleep with the help of the wise and slightly wacky owl Cuckoo Baku and the clever star Silver. In each volume we deal with issues that parents face every day, such as a child who doesn’t want to eat or is adjusting to a new brother or sister. The animation in the book makes for more interaction between the child and the story.” Daan adds: “But that’s not all. Parents or grandparents can record themselves reading the story. Then a child who misses daddy or mommy, grandpa or grandma, can listen to his or her voice.”

What all can you do with this book?
• Read it aloud yourself.
• Have your iPad read it aloud in the language of your choice.
• Record the story in your own voice and play it back.
• Play the music alone as a lullaby.
• Play a game.
• Color in pictures of the characters to save on your iPad or send by e-mail.
• Check out the fun animation on every page.

Publishing Stars was founded by Daan van Beurden and Frances Raboen. Daan wrote Kib & Cuckoo Baku: Kib Can’t Sleep, and Frances illustrated it. As soon as they got a look at the iPad, the choice was clear: Kib, volume 1, had to be an iPad book. In Supersteil, a Dutch digital agency with “a passion for interaction,” they found the perfect match for realizing the interactive and technical components of the project.

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