PushApp: Automated exercise counting

PushApp and SitApp are two powerful iPhone Apps, able to count the user’s push-up and sit-up exercises. The Apps rely on the iPhone’s built-in infrared proximity sensor to remotely detect the body movement. Simply place the iPhone screen upwards underneath your chest or back and start exercising.

PushApp and SitApp exhibit the following advantages over other Apps, which attempt to use the touch-screen, the camera, or the accelerometer to count body movements:
++ Unlike touch-screen based Apps, PushApp and SitApp work without a need to touch and pollute the screen.
++ Unlike camera based Apps PushApp and SitApp work in any light environment.
++ Unlike accelerometer based Apps, PushApp and SitApp are calibration free.

PushApp and SitApp further convince with the following special features:
++ Burned calories are calculated using personalized body data.
++ The number of exercises is stored in a personal record.
++ The Apps reward and motivate the user with colored stars.
++ A Japanese version of the Apps is also available.

PushApp - DanApps

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