Puzzle Quiz

Puzzle Quiz is on sale for $.99. Regular price is $1.99.

Just like the match 3 games that Swain is so crazy for, there’s a whole mess of photo puzzle apps in the App Store. Puzzle Quiz is one of the latest entries in the scambled photo genre and it challenges you to not only reassemble some really cool photos but it also tests you with trivia about each location pictured, hence the “quiz” part of the app name.

DigitalFun built 15 default puzzles into Puzzle Quiz and each one is a photo from a different part of the world. After you unscramble each pic you’re given a chance to earn a time bonus by answering a really freakin’ hard trivia question about the location pictured, and if you complete all 15 puzzles fast enough you get to put your name on the global scoreboard which is pretty unusual for this type of game.

Of course you can also unscramble your own photos, and regardless of whether you’re working on a default photo or one of your own there are three difficulty settings to choose from. The Easy setting splits the pic into 24 squares, and if you’re a true masochist you can go for the Hard setting which dices the puzzle into 64 pieces.

If there’s one thing I’d add to Puzzle Quiz… aside from more default puzzles, that is… it would be an easier way to differentiate correctly placed tiles from ones that are wrong. It’s cool that the app locks correctly placed tiles so you can’t unknowingly screw yourself over, and moving tiles is easy enough, but I could use a little more than the red and green highlights that mark each tile when you touch them. Maybe make the correct tiles a little brighter than the rest of the puzzle?

I also had some trouble with the keyboard that allows for entering my name on the scoreboard. I suppose my iPhone could have just been in a bad mood, but the scoring keyboard was acting really weird when I tried to type M-O-R-O-N for my name.

Other than that, I have no complaints with Puzzle Quiz. Each default photo has several different trivia questions associated with it, none of which I’ve ever answered correctly, and the app will defer to the iPod as long as the sound is set to Off.

If you’re a fan of this kind of puzzle game you should get plenty of playtime out of this app. Puzzle Quiz is polished and has a degree of uniqueness to it, and for $.99 it’s a bargain.

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