Puzzlebox: Unique and animated illustrations for puzzles!


This is The Woolly! We are a brand-new company, which designs games for iOS. Recently we’ve released new games on AppStore called Puzzlebox Christmas and Puzzlebox Zoonimals.

Puzzlebox Christmas is an amazing game to play on family evenings, made by WonderWhale (a company which works under The Woolly brand). Its main characters: Elly the Elephant, Peggy the Parrot and Calvin the Croc are a group of friends who love to spend time together, and play around. In puzzlebox Christmas you can watch three of their stories. One of them tells about Elly, Peggy and Calvin helping Santa to distribute Christmas presents. The next one shows how the friends celebrate Elly’s birthday and the last one tells a story about them traveling in space.

By arranging the puzzles in correct way, you can see how much fun they have together! Colorful animations will allow you to enter their world!

Puzzlebox Zoonimals also belong to the Puzzlebox collection. In this game you can watch Elly, Peggy and Calvin playing pirates, fighting the fire and playing soccer. Amazing designs and fantastic animations make the game far more pleasant than traditional puzzles. It is a great way to lose touch with reality and forget about the blue world.

Puzzlebox provides a lot of fun for variety of reasons. All of the puzzles have high quality graphics, animated interface, and joyful music. They also provide a great choice of challenges since the puzzles are divided into different number of pieces. They can be played by more than one person at a time, because they support up to 11 fingers! Furthermore, Puzzlebox can be treated as an educational game, teaching creativity through entertainment. All of these factors make Puzzlebox an amazing game, without age boundaries!

Puzzlebox greatly differs from other puzzle games available on the online market. We have created a special engine for creating the puzzles so that the process of arranging the illustration will be intuitive, pleasant, and better than in reality. In the process of designing the game we pay special attention to details present in the interface. We also put emphasis on the animated characters, which are to attract children for more than just a few minutes. High quality illustrations are prepared by graphic designers who always spend a lot time on working out the details. Before making the final picture we usually have a brainstorm, and choose the best project for the final creation. Thanks to cooperation of various specialist in graphic design we have achieved the highest quality of graphics. That is why our Puzzleboxes are so amazing!

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Promo Code for Puzzlebox Zoonimals: AA9T397PA6AY


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